APlogoComputer Science AP-A is an introductory programming course using Java. No previous computer experience is necessary, or expected, to succeed in this course. Besides covering the skills necessary to program in an object oriented environment, this course teaches how to write software using good programming skills and prepares you to take the AP Computer Science A exam on May 3rd.


70% Major – Tests, Major projects

20% Minor – Quizzes, Some labs

10% Other – Most labs

Topic List

Coding Basics
Numbers & Math
Decisions & Looping
Arrays & Lists
Review for the AP exam


We don’t have a textbook that we’ll be using in class. You’ll be able to get to most of the labs and lessons through Moodle.

I would recommend picking up a copy of Barron’s AP Computer Science: 7th Edition. It’s a great book for review.



You’ll get printed copies of these on the first day, but just in case you lose them and need another copy.

AP-A CourseSyllabus 2015-2016

AP/PreAP Commitment Form


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