All of the code that you’re working on in NetBeans is stored in a project folder, and this entire folder needs to be turned in for grading. Catch is, there’s no easy way to turn in an entire folder to Moodle. Fortunately, NetBeans makes it really easy to zip up a project that can be turned in.

Zipping Your Project

First step is to get your project into a zip file.

Open up NetBeans and open and selectthe project you want to turn in if it’s not already open.

From the File menu, select Export Project and then to ZIP…

Export to Zip

The next screen you’ll see is where you’ll decide where to save the zip file. Since Moodle ties the upload to to your name, the filename isn’t all that important. But you do want to give it a filename so you know what it is, and you want to save it in a spot so it’s easy for you to find.

Export Folder

Turning into Moodle

Now that you have your zip, it’s time to turn into Moodle.

Login and click on the assignment. You should see a page similar to the following image.

Sample Assignment Clicking on the Add submission button will bring up the following screen.

Submit - Empty

Drag and drop your zip file from where you saved it to the blue down arrow. An indicator will show up and then the dotted box should change to look like the following.

Some assignments may ask for multiple files. In that can you can drag and drop them one at a time or all together.

Submit - Uploaded

Click on Save changes to submit your file. This will take you back to the following screen.

Upload Complete

Your file, or files, will show up under the submissions. If you want, you can leave comments for us about your submission, although it’s not typically needed.


We’re able to download your assignment, unzip it, and open it up in NetBeans to check. Normally, we will not put the grade directly into Moodle since it’s already entered into Home Access Center.

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